Water Proofing of Ground Floor Areas

Water proofing and stopping moisture from entering

As you will be well aware, water and moisture can cause a lot of damage and considerably reduce the value of your home or commercial building.

When moisture enters an area, it is setting up the perfect environment for the formation of mould and once mould has been established, it will continually produce spores and release them into the surrounding air. These spores will spread throughout the rest of the home or building causing a damp musty smell and can increase the risk of health disorders and living quality.

What causes water or moisture to enter basements or garages in the first place can usually be traced to ground water or ground moisture that enters through the floor slab or the basement walls.

Signs of this are:

  • rottting flooring
  • damp carpet floor
  • rottting gib board
  • the damp smell in a room
  • paint falling off or discolouration


Waterproofing & drainage of house basement

You will find this mostly affects older buildings, but new buildings can also be affected.

This an another area we specialise in - water proofing: stopping moisture water entering basments, bathrooms and living areas all over the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and throughout the Greater Auckland area.

This technique is used when the outside ground level is higher than the inside ground level of a house, this is generally found in garage and basement areas. What happens in this situation is water moisture from the outside makes its way through the ground rubbing up against the house into the blockwork, bricks or weather board and into the inside framework rotting out the gib board framework.

To fix this we excavate down the side of the house to below the foundations. Then we waterblast the affected area of the house until it is clean and ready for waterproofing. We waterproof the whole wall from foundations to above ground level, at the same time we apply polystyrene to protect the waterproofing membrane which has the advantage of prolonging its life.

After this, we install a drain called novacoil which takes away any water right down to the foundations. The novacoil is installed and run to a cesspit, then into the property's existing stormwater system. We then fill to the top with scoria or material of the same kind.

The outcome is successful: water no longer gets into the blockwork or material used in the affected area and the water will flow through the scoria material into the pipe novacoil and away from the house. At the same time the waterproofing process protects the outside wall from any moisture geting into the house causing rot to the interior carpet, walls and flooring.

waterproofing types

Waterproofing  Water proofing


Types of water proofing

There are two types of waterproofing that we use: torch on or brush on products.

It depends on the products we are waterproofing and the circumstances.

All products are New Zealand approved for our environment.

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