CCTV Inspections throughout North Shore and the Greater Auckland Area

CCTV fault finding and locating of drains

CCTV enables technicians to diagnose drain and sewer problems quickly and efficiently all over the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and the Greater Auckland area.

This technology not only confirms the problem, it also enables us to give our clients a clear picture and provides us with the information to fix the problem.

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This is one of our core services at Digga Drain. The process involves inserting a camera down the drain pipe to bring up live images on a TV screen. This enables us to look inside the drain pipe, see what the problem is and find out more information. Some of the problems we encounter are:

  • tree roots are entering the drain
  • displaced joints in the drain
  • broken drains
  • cracks forming and dislodged drains
  • objects lodged in the drain

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We also use CCTV techniques to find and locate drains on properties, houses and industrial sites.

This shows us where drains run, the depth of a drain and where they start and finish.

This information is used in the design aspect of drain planning layouts and is passed on to the designers, or where the drain layer can dig up and replace a section of drain. It is also very useful when we need to find connection points to the public drainage system.

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