Using CCTV technology to quickly and efficiently locate blocked drains in Auckland

CCTV has many applications – it’s used in keyhole surgery on the body and is applied with a similar approach by our technicians – giving them the ability to diagnose drain and sewer problems quickly, efficiently and at a safe non-intrusive distance.

CCTV technology – useful in so many drainage ways

With this technology we can locate and confirm the root of an issue and work far more efficiently from that point to resolve the problem. What it does for us and for the home owner throughout Auckland, is remove any guesswork – we can see what the problem is and quickly put in place the steps to correct it.


Blocked drains are a big part of what we do, because quite simply blocked drains happen regularly, it’s a simple reality of life. So our focus here at Digga Drain is to do this core service as effectively as we can and past experience has led us to CCTV inspection – for its ease of access and accurate diagnosis - it is a tech based process that allows us to deliver an overall excellent service.

CCTV involves inserting a camera down the drain pipe that brings up live images on a TV screen. This enables us to look inside the drain pipe, see what the problem is, where the problem is and create the best solution to resolve the issue quickly. Because not all drain issues are the same – we must take an individual approach that is informed by years of experience, knowledge and skill.

While the damage or the extent of the issue will vary from drain to drain, what does run as a common theme are the types of drainage issues we come across.

Common drainage issueS that may SOUND familiar to you

  • tree roots are entering the drain
  • displaced joints in the drain
  • broken drains
  • cracks forming and dislodged drains
  • objects lodged in the drain

A huge part of the complexity of plumbing and drainage work is the layout of the pipes themselves, where the drains run, depth of the drains and where they begin and end.


CCTV allows us to get a more accurate picture of what we are working with as a whole. It provides in-depth information that we then use to design the most appropriate and cost effective approach for your issue.

Whether a large job, small, domestic or commercial our CCTV approach combined with 14 years experience, will see your drainage issue resolved quickly by our experienced team.

at your service block

Because we understand the importance in getting a drain cleared quickly – life will not wait for any issue so we aim to work fast and beyond that - when you book your job with us we will get there that same day. We think this dedication to speed sets us apart, it's an important part of what we do and it gives us pride to be able to quickly reply and respond to our customers issues.

No matter what kind of drain, we can work with it and are able to clear all internal drains and external ones too.

If YOU'VE got it, we can unblock it

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Outside drains, sewer stormwater lines
  • Driveway cesspits down pipes
  • Over flowing gully traps
  • Man holes
  • Storm water tanks pits 
  • Channel grates
  • Landscape drains 

So how do we do it?

In a few words - high water pressure. Using our specially designed hydrojet heads, we can clean, unblock and can even cut tree roots clear from a drain pipe.

The high water pressure cuts through and flushes out most objects that are lodged or are growing in the pipe. This could be anything like tree roots or foreign matter, or even too much paper being flushed down the drain causing blockage.

We also use hydrojeting to effectively clean the inside wall of a drain pipe to remove silt build up and once the drain is clear we water-blast the area clean of any residual sewerage and rubbish that may have come from the drain, leaving the area clean, safe for use and tidy – our aim is that the area be so well left that aside from surface water, there are no other tell tale signs of a drainage issue and no one is any the wiser.


For a tech based, experienced, fast and efficient approach to your drainage issues give our team a call – as we say and as we promise we will be there to rectify your drainage issue on the same day you call, so you can rest assured that your drains will be back up and flowing in no time. It’s a nice dose of ‘piece of mind’ that we love dishing out.



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