Drainage systems and solutions for new home builds

Building a home can be stressful and there are lists that put building a home near the top of the most stressful, second only to events like loosing a loved one. At Digga Drain we work to remove the stress that occurs when you are either building a new home or renovating an existing one.

Why is building so stressful?

Firstly, because 90% of building-based decisions need expert guidance, advice or direction and secondly, building a home will for the majority of people, be the most expensive purchase they will ever make. Hence, stressful!

As specialists in the field of plumbing and drainage we will liaise with builders, designers and councils to determine the best solution for your drainage plans and come up with a design plan to fit. Let us use our expertise to lessen your burden of stress while building or renovating.


Building can also bring up added extras or additional ‘red tape’ that you hadn’t accounted for.

For example, there may be instances where the council requires a building consent for your drains, in situations like this we can arrange, liaise and organise this on your behalf - this makes for a quicker process and less time holding up the project.

What else makes Digga Drain unique?

Safety First

Apart from delivering a team of skilled and qualified professionals, Digga Drain will always, put safety first.

For us safety is a priority and we are mindful of the need to protect both our employees and the general public. For this reason we will not partake in any work that is deemed to be unsafe and will proceed only when we are completely satisfied that all safety measures have been put in place.

Guaranteed workmanship

We guarantee our workmanship and stand by the materials we use with our suppliers' backing. We use only NZ approved materials and all work is carried out to New Zealand Building Code and Regulation standards.


More than just new builds

Drain clearing

This need will befall most homeowners at some stage and in your moment of need you can rely on our drainage experts. They are fully experienced in not only the construction and installation of new drains, but also in clearing blockages that are easily resolved using our drain cleaning equipment.

Time, pressure and usage can cause drains to lose structural integrity and if they are unable to be cleared, the next step is excavation.

With years of experience our team are capable of delivering solutions on any drainage situation.

If an excavation and repair solution is needed and agreed to, one of our drainlayers will come to your property, dig up the offending drainage section and replace it with a new PVC pipe, which is impenetrable to tree roots and gives a longer life.


New drain installations and services

Building a home brings with it multiple demands.

And within the field of drainage there are many areas of application that depend on the type of home you are building, the demands of the land on which your building and also drainage that affects or enhances landscaping.

At Digga-Drain we offer all of the following:

  • new house drainage storm water and sewerage systems
  • installation and supply of retention and detention tanks for stormwater systems
  • manholes and catch pits
  • new soak holes
  • storm water catchment drainage
  • drainage for a renovation, i.e. moving your bathroom or kitchen
  • design and layouts of new drainage systems
  • diverting water away from getting into the house and water proofing these materials to stop moisture damage to the building
  • flooding prevention of areas such as landscape drains, wet lawns, gardens, etc.

We recognise the importance of giving home-owners the knowledge to make the right decisions and also provide a degree of relief, at what is a very stressful time for you.

To have your new-build managed by an expert drainage team, give our guys a call.

With years of industry knowledge (including Council regulations) and an expert team running each project, we will easily alleviate some of your “new-build” stress.

customer service attitude

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service, we work fast and beyond that - when you book your job with us we will get there that same day.We genuinely feel it is our dedication to customer service that sets us apart from our competitors. Our customers are the most important part of our business and it gives us pride to be able to quickly reply and respond to our customers issues.

No matter what kind of drain, we can work with it and are able to clear all internal drains and external ones too.

Let us do what we do well – let us apply our knowledge so that you can direct your energy into the many, many other areas of importance in your new home.


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