Drain unblockers response to North Shore emergency pays off

Blogs provide a wealth of information and we believe our blog will become a welcome addition to the overall usability of our website. I mean the word blog rhymes with clog and clogs are what we fix, it couldn’t be any more fitting.

clogged drain needs unblocking

Our blog will aim to inform and where possible empower those in need of drainage services here in Auckland, or more specifically the North Shore.

Auckland is awash with drainage and general plumbing service providers. What sets us apart is our commitment to client satisfaction.

To demonstrate this commitment we include within our site a number of unbiased and unsolicited customer testimonials.

What better way to aid you in your decision making than to take into consideration the positive experience of others?

What you do resonates with others and comes back around

positive experiences with drain unblocking

Adding on to that concept of “other peoples’ experience” we thought it best to begin the life of our blog with ‘a day in the life of’ story, that includes great customer service and attention to need that balloons out into positive word of mouth, and the addition of an ongoing account.

And that’s what it’s all about isn't it?

Do a great job for someone, possibly exceed their expectations, go beyond what is expected and that goodness is returned through an increase in demand for what we do.

Drainage and plumbing can be a tricky thing, our work jumps from drainage, maintenance, new builds, waterproofing through to CCTV inspections and storm water work.

Life as you can imagine, is somewhat varied and one client’s needs will differ from the next.

A day in the life of Digga Drain as drainage experts is a tale worth telling

It's a great day to start something big

The 'No Cowboys’ site is a reference platform that many prospective clients use to find builders, mechanics, painters, plumbers and more. It works well because people can find a Kiwi tradesperson and rate them. As Kiwis we love checking feedback as a guide to reliability, TradeMe is testament to this.

One such prospective client found us via our 'No Cowboys' profile, saw that we do drain unblocking all over Auckland, had excellent (if I do say so myself) ratings and comments, and called us.

Raw sewerage and guests on their way - possibly a nightmare scenario

Flooded lawn from blocked drain

It was 7am when the call came through from what can best be described as a frantic person in need of help.

They had a blocked drain it need of unblocking – ASAP!

From a drain comes sewerage and the block in the drain caused a sewage overload that had nowhere else to spill but onto the lawn. So in that situation, we can fully understood the client’s state of panic.

Let’s be honest, we would all be in a similar state if it were to happen to us.

Add to the sewerage overflow, was the fact that the toilets were no longer working and even worse an incoming group of 90 plus people were on their way for a funeral gathering in Devonport on the North Shore.

We work with a lot of forward bookings and sometimes rigidly scheduled jobs, so understandably we were very busy the day the call came through.

However I had to help this lady in distress. I couldn’t pass her off and let her spend more valuable time searching and phoning for someone who could do it.

After some shuffling and redirection we were onsite and tending to the situation in less than an hour after the initial call.

We arrived to find sewerage all over the lawn. We set up the hydrojet drain machine to unblock it, and then lowered the CCTV camera to find that the sewer line had parted, it was broken and (culprit found) tree roots were growing in the drain.

I advised the client that this needs to be dug up and fixed; I gave her a price which she was very happy with and got the drain repaired that day and in time for the funeral gathering.

Help where possible because gratitude is a great thing

Go the extra mile

As you can imagine the client was extremely happy with our service and the outcome.

By delivering for her in her time of need, by providing a fast, efficient and cost effective solution, she has kindly recommended us to people in her network of family, co-workers and friends.

To this day we are her 'go-to' drainage and plumbing specialists in the North Shore and we have since been snapped up as service providers for her brother who runs a property maintenance business.

The motto of the story (sorry blog) is?

Where possible, help those in need. Where possible go over and above and that attention will be returned and gratefully accepted.

For help in a sticky situation or for any drainage, plumbing, maintenance or new build work, give us a call, as history and this story proves, we’re happy to help.


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